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Increase your Intuition

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I understand you're feeling lost right now?  Despite achieving everything you desired in life, something is missing.  Something is calling you, it's bigger than you can comprehend.

You may be spiritually aware, just starting out on your awakening or going through another dark night of the soul.  Wherever you are right now, you've arrived here for a reason.  I don't believe in coincidences.  I believe in purposeful intentions and synchronicity.

You're craving fulfilment and connection, you're ready to take the next step.  It's time for you to stop limiting yourself and learn how to shake off old limiting beliefs that hold you back.  It's time to heal those blocks, launch a career that keeps you in alignment with your soul and become successful.  

It's time for you to show the next generation how to nurture their energy to thrive in a World of technology and energetic vampires.  It's time for you to step into your power and use your empathic gift to help the collective.

Release Repetitive Patterns

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The Akashic Records is an energetic library that stores every though, event, spoken word that's ever occurred.  It's where you connect with your Soul and learn how past experiences have defined the person you are today.  

By accessing your Akashic Records you start to take responsibility for your actions and the energy you retain.  The Akashic records is a very deep form of energy healing and can only be accessed when you're ready to take responsibility and transform.  Typically when you are triggered you'll respond with one of these four energies...Fight, Flight, Freeze or Hide.  When you work through your triggers in your Akashic Records you learn to respond accordingly, without embracing any of these four energies.

If you don't release the energy that doesn't belong to you, you will be kept in a repetitive loop of the same patterns.  How many times have you said to yourself "why does this always happen to me?"...because you're holding onto the energy and attracting it!

Shed the energy that keeps you stuck!

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"Life opens up in so many different ways when your energy has been awakened "

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