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Who am I?

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I’m from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. 


I am blessed with a loving family, two beautiful children and a supportive Husband. 

It’s my mission to teach Women how to release the energy that keeps them stuck in a repetitive cycle of emotional and binge eating.  They can overcome this self-sabotaging behaviour to achieve their goals and stop hiding from society.

I lived in hiding for many years, even decades, hiding from my authentic self.  It was damaging to my soul.  I tried every diet that's existed, extreme methods of weight loss and even surgery but they all failed me.  After embarking on a deep spiritual healing journey, I discovered my self-sabotaging behaviour was released (I hadn't even focused on this).  Let me teach you how you can finally overcome emotional eating without even considering dieting!

I love walks in nature in the Scottish countryside, good quality gin (we have plenty of that here!), spiritual books, self-help books, strategy books, dancing with my family and friends, spa weekends, tarot cards and crystals!

When you limit yourself you create energy blocks

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I love to teach and empower others, especially Women (I'm not sexist, I just have a natural connection with Women).

I'm an Usui and Dragon Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner & Law of Attraction Coach.

My passion is working in the Akashic Records, in the Quantum Field, where the deepest transformations and connection happen!

I am not naturally gifted, I didn't communicate with the dead as a child. We are all gifted and we all have the ability to connect.

My soul gifts are Love & Healing. Those who need love and healing are naturally drawn to me. I hold a safe space for those who connect with me.

I love to teach Women how to become their a master of their own energy through accessing their Akashic records, I love to support and watch the transformation unfold.

My Values

I believe we all carry energy that can sabotage our success
I believe we all have the toolset within us to release old energy
I believe we can all overcome our failures and turn them into our success
I believe we can achieve our goals by understanding where our problems are triggered from

"The World will be saved by Western Women"
Dalai Lama

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