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Akashic Records

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The Akashic Records is an energetic library that stores your soul book.  It captures every thought, word spoken, action taken, agreement made from your current life and all of your previous lives.  Everyone has a right to access their own Akashic Records.  Here, you connect with your Soul and your spiritual council.  Within your Akashic Records you have the opportunity to heal from past life experiences/trauma and from your current life.  You can clear all energetic ties that bound you and limit you from reaching the level of success you desire.


Although you are given profound guidance you still have free will to make

your own choices.

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Learn how to master your records and you will have a direct connection with your spiritual council.
You will release energy that holds you back e.g. self sabotaging behaviour, repetitive patterns 
You will heal on the deepest level you have ever experienced (Quantum Field)
You will have no doubt about the decisions you make.
You can learn all aspects of a situation and see them from other perspectives.
You will create a life of freedom


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Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing.  It's very popular in Western society now.  Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy, it re-balances your Chakra's (meridian points) within your body.  When your Chakra's are out of balance, this causes physical ailments and pain.  

Reiki is an exceptional holistic method for healing physical pain and symptoms within your body.  It also provides great balance to your emotions.  To reap the full benefit of Reiki, regular treatments should be provided or even better, become attuned to Reiki to give your energy that daily boost!

It's so safe, even children can be attuned to Reiki energy!

How I can help you

Akashic Records Healing

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Akashic Records healing sessions are to unravel energetic patterns.  These are more suitable if you want to overcome trauma, addiction, repetitive patterns or even if you recognise energetic blocks that keep you stuck.  

It takes time to unravel these energetic blocks and patterns; therefore, this type of healing must be ran as a minimum 3 sessions.  To get the full benefit of these sessions, 6 is recommended.

Afterwards you will feel different towards the situation you are healing.  You will acknowledge the lesson, release it and move forward.

Akashic Records Reading

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Akashic Records Reading would be suitable if you have a simple question you want answered or you want to experience a deeper level of spiritual connection and energetic healing. 

60 minute session with recording - £89

Reiki Zero to Reiki Hero

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Reiki is a wonderful healing modality that provides great benefits.  However, I truly believe the best benefit of Reiki is connecting to it yourself.  When you're attuned to Reiki energy you can use it on yourself on at anytime, use it on your friends, family, children, pets and even plants!  

There are 3 levels to Usui Reiki (Level 1, Practitioner Level 2 and Master Level 3).  You must be attuned to each level before advancing onto the next.  

I am also attuned to Dragon Reiki and can connect others to this powerful energy source.  Dragon Reiki has 2 levels.  You are attuned to Levels 1 & 2 together.

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